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Welcome to the iPhone and iPod Touch hiCard website.  

Enjoy hiCard, talk to friends, tell us what you need, ask us questions. 

This is your site.  Enjoy!

15 Apr 14 - Enjoy version 2.1!
Alriiight folks! Apple has approved the new version, and we are commemorating by making it just a dollar for a little while. The new version includes:

1. iMessage/Texting abilities. The coolest part is that it will text the card as a picture, not as a link that someone has to click on to see the card, like the other card apps do.

2. Also, you can save the card to the Camera Roll. This way, you can do anything you want with it, including changing it, or use other apps that you may have to send it.

3. Bug fixes. Yes, a few more found and squashed! Thanks for all the feedback!

4. hiCard Free: The free version now also has the above features, but only with 10% of the cards enabled for sending, and it has adds. You can still see all of the 220+ cards, but only send the 20. Be our guest to use it as long as you wish! If you like it, click a few ads to help us, or buy the full version for just a dollar! :)

3 Mar 14 - New version released!
We're excited for you to try the new version, especially the Facebook functionality!
Here are all the changes:
-Send directly to Friend's walls in Facebook!
-New cards! (marked with a *)
-IOS7 interface support!
-4" screen size support! iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, iPod, etc
-Bug fixes
21 Nov 10 - hiCard featured on Better Homes and Gardens

Wow, that's awesome.  We love the magazine and we are featured in page 34 of the December 2010 issue of Better Homes and Gardens.  As the magazine says: "Have an Appy Holiday!"  We love our fans, and the fans at Better Homes and Gardens love us!  Neat!

24 Sep 10 - Version 1.8 for you!

We heard you! Thanks for 2 years of your love and support!  You've made us the best eCard program for the Apple platform.  You now have OVER 200 high class hiCards to choose from.  Wow, what a growth from our original 40 cards.  This newest version does the following: 

-Fixes the issue with cards showing as if the same card is being sent over and over again when people CC themselves on iOS4, even though the right cards were actually sent.  Weird bug! 
-New Cards! 15 New Invitation cards, and 23 New Halloween cards!
-Other minor stability fixes
25 Jun 10 - Version 1.7 Ready for Sale

Alright fans!  Version 1.7 has just been released for sale by Apple.  hiCard is now compatible with iOS4, which should be made available any day now.  We of course also included a few new cards for ya.  As always, we would love to hear from you about any comments, requests, or ideas you may have.  ENJOY!

12 Dec 09 - Version 1.63 released!
Hi fans! Apple just approved our newest versions. Please enjoy the new cards included as well as the larger cards sent!  
5 Jul 09 - iPhone OS 3.0 works perfectly!
iPhone OS 3.0 now works perfectly! We apologize for issues with hiCard and iPhone/iPod 3.0. We had tested hiCard with the latest 3.0 beta releases from Apple and hiCard had worked perfectly at the time. However, in Apple’s final release things changed in a way that impacted hiCard. We finished troubleshooting on June 23rd and submitted a fix at that time, which gladly became approved by Apple on July 5th. You probably already know that you can update hiCard at this time and that it will work perfectly with 3.0.

Finally, we wanted to thank you again for your support. We hope that you enjoy hiCard immensely, as we and our friends do. As always, we love to hear your comments. Please tell us what you’d like to see! You probably know how fast we are in responding to you!! 
23 Jun 09 - Update on hiCard issues with iPhone OS 3.0

Hi Folks.  We've found what the cause of the issue is and have submitted a fix to Apple.  The interesting thing was that hiCard had been working on a previous 3.0 beta release by Apple, but it stopped working with Apple's final 3.0 release.

Apple usually takes about a week to approve our updates, but may be overwhelmed with issues right now.  We appreciate your patience and we are crossing our fingers for a speedy approval!

18 Jun 09 - hiCard issues with iPhone OS 3.0

     Sorry for the inconvenience. The recent 3.0 launch has caused some issues with many of us developers, especially since our application worked fine with the last SDK that was released by Apple. However, we're working hard to get an update into the App Store as soon as possible, but due to the backlog of applications that are hitting Apple currently with this 3.0 issue, it may take several days before you get the update into your phone's App Store.

Sorry and thank you for your patience.

15 Dec 08 - hiCard - Suite Update

Version 1.5 has been released. Updates include:

  • Fixed a few minor performance bugs
  • Improved touch sensitivity of "contact" button
  • Added card type identifiers within Categories to simplify card browsing
  • Added 4 Thank You hiCards with a Holiday influence, so you can thank your family/friends for the holiday gift and/or party

... as always, more hiCards are in the works and will be released soon

Thanks for your continued feedback and emails. We are committed to making hiCard the best icard application, so we encourage all suggestions.


21 Nov 08 - hiCard Update & more hiCard product options

Version 1.4 has now officially launched, which for those who bought hiCard prior to Wednesday meant a free upgrade to hiCard Suite in addition to some performance updates. Updates include:

  • Improved email stability over Edge & 3G
  • Fixed a scrolling bug when entering text into hiCard
  • Added 35 additional holiday occasion hiCards

In addition to launching the above hiCard Suite upgrade, we also added 2 additional hiCard products to the portfolio, which we feel will meet any iCard enthusiasts needs. Current hiCard products now include (with pricing):

$0.99 ------- hiCard - Classic --- Limited Card Updates
$0.99 ------- hiCard - Holiday --- Limited Card Updates
$1.99 ------- hiCard - Suite --- Unlimited Card Updates*

As always, thanks for your continued feedback and suggestions. We are committed to making hiCard the best icard application, so we encourage all suggestions..

07 Nov 08 - Newest hiCard Update

Version 1.3 was submitted to Apple on Wednesday and should be released before the end of the weekend. Updates include:

  • Fixed a few performance bugs
  • Improved email view so it shows better in Gmail, Yahoo and other large email providers
  • Added a "Love" hiCard in the "Holiday" section

As always, thanks for your continued feedback and suggestions. We are committed to making hiCard the best icard application, so we encourage all suggestions..

28 Oct 08 - Another hiCard Update

Version 1.2 has been submitted to Apple today. Updates include:

  • Added ability to send hiCards to multiple people at the same time
  • Included 14 additional cards, taking our most popular designs and transforming them into "hi", "hello" and blank cards

Again, thanks for your amazing feedback, we really do appreciate it. And we will continue to work hard to listen and make hiCard the best ecard application for the iPhone & iPod Touch.

22 Oct 08 - hiCard Update

Version 1.1 has been submitted to Apple, so expect the update in the next day or two.  The update will include:

  • The ability to personlize the Subject Line
  • A shortened hiCard alert sent at bottom of email
  • Fixed minor performance bugs
  • A few new hiCards
  • An updated email server, to mitigate issue of hiCards being sent to SPAM folder on some email accounts

We are committed to making hiCard the best, easiest to use icard application for the iPhone & iPod Touch.  Thanks for your great feedback to-date, and we'll continue to address any further requests.

20 Oct 08 - hiCard Available!

hiCard officially launched on Sunday.  Please visit either iTunes or the App Store on your phone to purchase.  We are continually working on hiCard, so please leave any suggestions or requests for future update releases.  Enjoy hiCard!

15 Oct 08 - hiCard application submitted to Apple!

Heads up.  hiCard will be soon coming to you.  Your friends will probably love it even more than you will.

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